YuNi releases full music video for ‘Kirai’ track

On the virtual singer’s official YouTube channel YuNi The full music video for the song “Kirai”, the title track of his debut album as a full – length artist, “Eternal Journey”, will be released on June 16 in Japan.

YuNi began its activities as a Virtual YouTuber in June 2018, and has collected more than 363,000 subscribers to date. Billed as “the world’s first virtual singer,” she has released seven digital singles and a six-song album since her debut in October 2018, including the song “Kokoro Knock,” which was final theme song for the anime. Use Asobitei! (Uzaki-chan wants to Hang Out!).

In August 2020, YuNi announced that it would finally make its debut as a full-fledged artist through the management agency Toy Factory. “Kirai”, on the other hand, is produced by DJ’TEKINA / SOMETHING or Yuyoyuppe, who is also an active artist and creator. It’s an electro – pop genre song about YuNi’s journey towards a new stage in her life, and how she deals with negative emotions.

Finally, the artist made the presentation presented in the music video mazirohe is best known for being one of the character designers for the franchise Delta Macross. In this regard, he wrote on Twitter: «I used the bubbles and the lack of color to convey the feeling that the world is expanding as the mind sinks and becomes immersed in feelings of shame. I also tried to use the petals as a metaphor for emotions that cannot be expressed. When I first heard about YuNi, I thought of the new song she sang, and I loved it so much that I listened to many of her songs, so I’m glad I can draw. .»

Font: Official Twitter account

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