Yuji Nunokawa, the founder of Pierrot Studios, has died

The Japanese media reported that Yuji Nunokawaan icon of the anime industry, died suddenly on December 25 at the age of 75. Nunokawa is known above all as a producer, founder of studios Pierrot and contributed to many initiatives that helped the development of the anime industry, including the powerful collective Animation Society of Japan.

Yuji Nunokawa was born on February 11, 1947 in the city of Sakata, in Yamanashi Prefecture. The son of tailors, he grew up loving drawing. On the recommendation of the advisor of the art club she was a part of at the Institute, Nunokawa went to Tokyo to study at the Institute. Nippon Design Welfare Collegewhere he graduated in 1967.

Nunokawa started in the anime industry at a subcontracted company at TCJwhat time is it oaken, as a colorist. His first job was as an animator for Soran space boy and later as chief animator i robots. As a freelancer in the industry, he has worked on many productions for Mushi Productions Y Tsuburaya Enterprises.

During the bankruptcy of the Mushi Productionshe was intended to be a member of the original staff of the anime studio Soeishaknown today as Bandai Namco movieseither sunrise. By reducing the offer, thanks to the offer of Hiroshi Sasagawabecame part of the staff of Conradh na Gaeilge Tatsunoko production in 1971, working as a character designer. It was there that Nunokawa became the director of the series. Bokan time!.

Nunokawa left Tatsunoko Production in 1978 after the death of the founder, Tatsuo Yoshidaalong with the animation directors Mitsuo Kaminashi Y Hiroko Tokita and they established a congregation in an apartment in Kichijoji. This group grew to include animation directors Toriumi Hisayuki Y masami there and became studios Pierrotof which Nunokawa became president. His main belief was to create anime focused on animation with a reasonable production schedule.

During his time as president of Pierrot, Nunokawa helped produce many hits, such as the original anime urusei yatsura, Naruto, Hello Hakusho, Tokyo Mew Mew, Great teacher Onizuka, bleach, Kimagure Orange Road and ordered Rocky Mom, among countless other anime series. In 2012, he became Chairman and Representative Director of Nunokawa Pierrotgoing from the functions of the President and the producer to being a General Advisor on the board of directors.

During the 2000s, Nunokawa participated in the creation of the Animation Society of Japanwhich manages the Suginami Animation Museumpublishes the annual report and helps organize the annual convention Japanese anime together with the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Nunokawa served as president from 2009 to 2014, having previously served as vice president.

Together with the famous entertainer Noriyuki Abethe deceased mizuno Kazunori Y Atsushi WakabayashiNunokawa created NUROANI Juku to train new animators, as well as producers, planners and directors. Nunokawa continued to teach at the school until her death.

To commemorate Nunokawa’s achievements in life for the anime, she received the The Cultural Affairs Commissioner’s Award in 2018 and the Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor of the Japanese government, one of the highest honors in Japanese society. The address of the Pierrot posted a statement on Twitter saying that Nunokawa “His leadership, commitment and passion will be greatly missed.“.

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