YouTube is celebrating 50 years of hip-hop with the FIFTY DEEP campaign

YouTube has announced that it will be celebrating 50 years of hip-hop this year by launching a FIFTY DEEP campaign.

This month marks 50 years since DJ Kool Herc played at a party in the Bronx and showed off his DJ invention of scratch records to lengthen the song’s instrumental breaks. This exposure was the cornerstone of hip-hop, as people could dance longer (which led to break-dancing) and oldies could rap during song breaks.

In honor of this musical milestone, YouTube has launched FIFTY DEEP, “a cultural campaign on YouTube that celebrates how far you’ve come. [el género]Director of Black Music and Culture Tuma Basa wrote a blog post about the new campaign, saying the mission is “for all generations to dig into the YouTube archives of Hip Hop.”

They plan to accomplish their mission by compiling a visual library of 2,000 hip-hop “change” videos, having a custom Yoodle (YouTube’s version of Google’s Doodle) to pay homage to the phenomenon of genre beats, and Google created an Arts & Culture Hip Hop Hub to gather “a wide range of cultural institutions’ collections and curated stories”.

FIFTY DEEP kicks off this Friday (August 11) with a Hip-Hop 50 Live broadcast on the official Mass Appeal YouTube channel. The celebratory concert will feature a line-up of world-class rap stars, headlined by the legendary duo Run-DMC, who will share the stage with other rap pioneers such as Lil Wayne, Nas, Snoop Dogg and more on the main stage. There will also be a “Women of Hip-Hop” show, where Lil Kim, Eve, Trina and others will perform their hits for the Bronx crowd at Yankee Stadium in New York.

Basa also shared that YouTube has brought back the YouTube Avenues program in collaboration with wall267, hip-hop figure and YouTube cultural consultant. By visiting hip-hop hotspots in the South like Atlanta, New Orleans, Baltimore, Raleigh/Durham and Miami, they hope to train the next generation of hip-hop enthusiasts.

Explaining why YouTube “works so hard to honor Hip Hop,” Basa wrote: “Hip Hop has been all the rage on YouTube since Soulja Boy’s ‘Crank That’ video went viral in 2007. And just last year, nine of the ten most popular Hip Hop artists in the United States and together received more than 16 billion views worldwide in the calendar year.”

“YouTube is where I can find almost every cover of every song, as well as interviews, podcasts, commentary, live performances, etc., etc. Basically, if it happened and was recorded, YouTube is where people come looking for it. “.

At this year’s Grammys, Questlove curated a hip-hop tribute featuring LL Cool J, GloRilla, Ice-T and Jay-Z. The performance came after Dr. Dre presented the Global Influence Award, which will now be known as the Dr. Dre Global Influence Award.

Meanwhile, Nas and the Wu-Tang Clan embarked on their “NY State Of Mind” tour, performing their hits for fans around the world. After his concert at London’s O2, Nas hosted a party with Hennessy to celebrate 50 years of hip-hop. Ghostface Killah and Raekwon wowed the crowd with their verses with iconic hip-hop tracks like “CREAM” and “Protect Ya Neck.”

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