Yoshiyuki Tomino says Japan is close to surpassing China in animation

The portal Real economy published an interview with Yoshiyuki tomino, the creator of the franchise Gundam Mobile Suit, where he commented on his view of the animation industry in Japan, which is becoming less than ahead of the rest of the world, especially China.

«The exhibition “Yoshiyuki Tomino no Sekai” (organized by HBC Hokkaido Broadcasting and Hokkaido Shimbun) is being held at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, from November 17, 2021 to January 23, 2022. Animation director Yoshiyuki Tomino (80), creator of the “Mobile Suit Gundam” series, visited the exhibition and talked about his ideas for the project. (…) Tomino said in an interview: “At the opening ceremony on November 17, we were thrilled to see the Gunpla diorama made by Mei from Hokkaido, which won the highest award in Japan when she was a primary school student. (The work on display was “Last Shooting,” which won the Japan Junior Division of the 2015 Gunpla Builders World Cup and 2nd place in the World Championships). I would love to see the first of his class, but I also wonder how a primary school student could do such a great thing.»

«Tomino continued: “It tastes great on a pictorial level. Looking at these works, I think that things like anime and manga were completely established in our culture in the time of Akira Yasuda, and it was no longer necessary to explain what they were. In this context, when I think of the Japanese animation trend, I think that the industry is now in a critical situation due to the evolution of digital technology. An example of this is music videos (MV). Not only does a very popular artist write and sing his own music, but he also produces his own highly animated music videos».

«And he continued:As someone who comes from the world of animation, I'm not happy to see anyone do animation now. However, this move means that digital animation can now be produced on a personal level. What is the attitude of Japanese animation production companies dedicated to series and storytelling? ”. He then commented on the Sunrise study: “I am concerned that Sunrise, of which I am a member, is a little disregarded by the signs that I mentioned earlier. While the artistic part of the music video, as in the example, it begins to demand a lot of sophistication, new talents are also needed. That's why I want Sunrise to actively pursue those talents, and I accept that that is also my own mission. However, please do not include values ​​that are essentially older people's values ​​”».

«He continued: “That is to say, I have to set up a production job that will not allow me to comment. Also, while digital animation can now be done on a personal level, after all, what you do on a personal level is like a personal novel. The reason we do studio work is because we also look for entertainment for everyone. I would urge artists in their respective fields to return to studio work with little enthusiasm for individual work, and I would advise the digitally – leaning generation to remember to work in a socially responsible way. “».

«And he concluded by pointing out that China is currently under threat: “As for the animation trend, there is a clear threat from Chinese animation. The work is quite sophisticated and commercial. Ten years ago I gave a lecture at Peking University and the number of attendees, including the animation club, was quite large. They became professionals after 10 years. What is frightening is that an intellectual from the prestigious Peking University has entered the world of animation. In addition, the Chinese state provides significant support to the animation industry.».

«He said: “Japanese politicians, on the other hand, seem to have had a vision of soul from 30 or 40 years ago. In Japan, there is a crisis if we continue to make commercial animation, our Chinese counterparts will completely overwhelm us. But I do not want to send so much salt to the people who came to hear me, and I do not want to lose them. However, keep in mind that Japan is no longer a developed country in terms of animation. The media and the business world should not have that attitude»

Fountain: Real economy

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