YOASOBI’s song ‘Yoru Ni Kakeru’ exceeds 500 million views

The first single released by the music group YASOBIentitled “Yoru Ni Kakeru”, in December 2019, recognized by the Japan bill bill for violations of 500 million views on streaming services according to the “Streaming Ranking” published on May 26, 2021. Unfortunately, the original music video was reported by the YouTube community, so the platform is listed as “Age Restrictions “, to prevent it from being inserted in this note.

The single “Yoru Ni Kakeru” exceeded 500 million cumulative views on streaming services in the sixty-third week of release, also becoming the fastest song that has reached this figure. In addition, it is the second song to reach this number in the history of the music industry in Japan. On the other hand, upload the same music interpretation to the YouTube project ,. FIRST CONSTRUCTIONthere are already more than 100 million cumulative views.

At the end, YASOBI he released the single “Yoru ni Kakeru” on December 15, 2019, and the lyrics are based on the short novel by May Hoshino, Tánatos aon Yuuwakupublished on the Japanese portal Monagate. The music video for the song was posted on his YouTube channel Oh I know on November 16, 2019 and its number of views exceeded 20 million in seven months. Shortly after its release, the song topped the charts Spotify Y Online Music. On June 1, 2020, the song was on top of the Billboard Japan Hot 100.

Font: Japanese music network


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