Yandere Simulator finally returns, but in cosplay

Yandere simulator is a video game developed by a single person, called “yanderedev“, an independent developer from the United States. Although the game is about to step into the shoes of a yandere girl who tries to fall in love with her senpai, the title is more known for its disastrous development.

YandereDev regularly releases test versions of the game for debugging purposes. At first, suggestions and bug reports were accepted via email, but since 2016 he wants those emails no longer sent, as they are “slowing down development”. On March 1, 2017, YandereDev announced a partnership with tinyBuild that would help them polish, promote and publish the game. However, on June 10, 2018, YandereDev announced that the partnership with the company ended in December 2017. As of October 2022, no official release date for the full game has been announced.

The title was very popular in the beginningespecially because of its theme, but dwindled greatly over the years after all the disappointment of the fans they were made on the development and the developer himself. However, there is something about the video game that stands out so far: Aishi Ayano, or “Yandere-chan” is better known.

The main character who is willing to do anything, anything, to make Senpai-kun fall in love, is known for her sharp attitude (forgive the redundancy) and for how easy it is to cosplay her. After all, Yandere-chan wears the typical sailor school outfit, and there isn’t much else to say about her straw-black hair and crazy expression. So, we come to the cosplay posted by Lily (@octobunn), which recently attracted a lot of attention on Instagram. Nothing more to say, so we leave the photos below.

Game about yandere simulator

It is a developed video game created by YandereDev. The installment focuses on a high school student girl named Ayano Aishi, known as “Yandere-chan”, who is in love with one of her senpais, so much so that she is willing to do anything to end it (literally). to anyone who gets in. touch her., between the path between them. Over the course of ten weeks, Ayano must eliminate ten love rivals to ensure they are not noticed by her love interest.

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