Xdinary Heroes returns for the first time with a music video for ‘Test Me’

Xdinary Heroes, the band’s first release from Studio J, have made their comeback debut with the mini album ‘Hello, World!’, along with a music video for the title track ‘Test Me’.

In the video, the members of the K-pop band come up with a plan to infiltrate and hack a music show so they can compete in the final round and have their music broadcast around the world. They succeed, and the video ends with the group celebrating together and holding a trophy.

“If you can make it better, take me / (Test me, test me) / If you can make it funnier, take me / (Test me test me),” the group sings in the chorus.

Hello World!” is the group’s first release for 2022 and features four new songs from the group, along with an instrumental version of “Test Me”. . .

Xdinary Heroes was the first band to debut as part of JYP Entertainment’s roster since Day6 in September 2015. The group consists of bassist Jooyeon, drummer Gunil, keyboardists Jungsu and, and guitarists Jun Han and Gaon.

In an interview with the Korea Herald, leader Gun-il shared his hopes for the group’s progress and goals with ‘Hello, World! “We are rookies and there is still a long way to go. But with our new album, we want to consolidate our music as a rock band with different characteristics and colors of music, and promote ourselves to new people.”

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