WIT Studio recovers from losses thanks to SPY x FAMILY

Financial results of the animation production company WIT Studio for the fiscal year to May 2022 they showed a turnover of 2.79 billion yen (126.2% more than in the immediately preceding period) and an ordinary income of 232 million yen (compared to a loss of 486 million). The final profit of 222 million yen (compared to a loss of 501 million yen in the immediately preceding period) reflects a significant increase in revenue and a turnaround in profitability.

The parent company, IG Port (3791), said it was back in profit and that earnings had improved rapidly. About WIT Studiothe animation productions made during the period were included Spy x FAMILY; Ranking Ousama (Ranking of Kings); Vampire in the garden; bubble; Ooyukiumi no Kaina (Kaina the Great Sea of ​​Snow); Magic: The Assembly through the short film Kamigawa: Kagayakeru Sekai (Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty).

Since last year, as the company’s deficit grew and it became increasingly insolvent (something that was finally reversed this year), IG Port launched the “Subsidiary Management Project”, to intervene in the administration of the company. Until that moment, IG Port that they respected the independence of each subsidiary and left the management policy in their hands, but by intervening in its management, the company planned to complement the management team in terms of administration, improve the management system and return to profitability, which was finally achieved.

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