Win Butler on making ‘WE’ with Arcade Fire: “It was a very uncertain but beautiful time”

The face of Arcade Fire, Win Butler, spoke about the experience of writing the band’s new album, “WE”, during the pandemic.

In a new interview with the Montreal Gazette, Butler considered making his forthcoming sixth studio album, when he and his wife and colleague Régine Chassagne, who was in New Orleans, separated from the rest of the band because on closing. .

“They were closing Canada’s borders,” he said. “We had written ‘Age of Anxiety’, ‘End of the Empire’ and a handful of songs. … Régine and I worked in the studio every day. We did not know when or if he could re – join We were very motivated and very plugged in, but the world in which we were making the record was changing dramatically. “

He continued: “The goal was to write songs – regardless of genre – that we could play around the piano with the guitar, and work on the structure, melody and bones of the songs. as far as we could. am. “

Six months later, the two reunited with the rest of the band, and “WE” began to shout properly: “Every night, I would see food on the grill and sit around the fire and play songs. exciting. ” uncertain but beautiful.

The band played a secret series at Coachella last weekend following a series of live events over the past few weeks in New York, New Orleans and elsewhere.

In Coachella’s one hour concert, the band opened with the latest single “The Lightning I, II” before playing hits from their five studio albums to date, including “Wake Up,” “Rebellion (Lies)” and “Everything Now”.

They also sang their new song, “Unconditional I (Lookout Kid),” which was teasing earlier this month. However, less than a minute into the show, Butler stopped the show after seeing fans at the front of the pit who needed help. Butler then called to a doctor, drawing a steady sigh of relief from the audience.

Arcade Fire’s WE “will come on May 6 via Columbia Records and is produced by longtime Radiohead collaborator Nigel Godrich, alongside Butler and Chassagne.

Speaking on the album in a Montreal Gazette interview, Butler said: “I’m very proud that we’re still doing it and we’re still working. I’m very proud of the new record. I think it’s one one of the best things we’ve ever done. And I’m very happy for the future. “

Elsewhere, Arcade Fire will headline the reopening night of the KOKO London venue later this month. Tickets are available here.


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