William Doyle Unveils New Box for Environmental Album

Dorset native electronic artist William Doyle has unveiled details of a new box containing three of his ambient albums.

The ambient collections were made alongside his other albums: his Mercury Music Prize-nominated debut, ‘Total Strife Forever’ (released under his East India Youth alias), ‘Culture Of Volume’, ‘Your Wilderness Revisited’ and ‘Great Spans ‘. Am Muddy ‘.

His ambient albums, ‘The Derealised Dream’, ‘Lightnesses Vol I & II’ and ‘Near Future Residence’ now get their first vinyl presses through Tough Love, both in a very limited four box LP titled ‘Slowly Arranged: 2016 -19 ‘, as in separate albums. You can pre-order them here.

To support the launch, Doyle will perform an exclusive environmental series at Kings Place in London on October 27 – you can buy tickets for that event here.

Speaking on “The Derealised Dream”, Doyle said the album brought it through a “difficult period of anxiety, panic and a normal dissociative emotion known as delusional”.

He then said: “I now release them as a cathartic measure and as a message to others who may be going through difficult times. What I said to myself at the time, I can now say: You are not in You’re not going crazy. You’re not alone. “

From “Lightnesses Vol. I & II” he said, “During creation, I used to take pictures of the light coming through the windows of the two houses I lived in during creation. I put them up on the social media and have become part of my hugely popular production. This music is meant to go with those images. “

“The photo of the first volume is a double exposure of the sun illuminating my notebook and hand, and the second volume photo was taken in Joshua Tree Park, California, watching our taillights illuminate one of the trees.”

And of ‘Near Future Residence’, Doyle said that the compositions on that album were “composed in a completely genitive way using examples of instruments, synthesizers and field recordings that I collected and developed during 2018. In genitive composition, they are rules. set and select parameters that are then set in motion, the results are constantly changing and surprising. “

In 2020, Doyle recorded a charity single entitled ‘Inside I’ll Sing’ as part of the ‘Isolation Choir’, which also featured Joe Newman from Alt-J, singer Anna Meredith, Hatis Noit and Douglas Dare .

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