Why Bocchi of the Rock! is it still that common?

The phenomenon of Bocchi the Rock! always attracting fans and leaving a lasting mark on the music landscape, even after it ended over half a year ago. In analysis, the Japanese portal mojito delve into the fascinating world of this franchise to discover the keys that explain its enduring relevance. What is the secret behind your lasting success?

«It’s been over half a year since the anime adaptation of “Bocchi the Rock!” ended, but the fans’ enthusiasm hasn’t waned one bit. In fact, this respect has rarely been seen in the past decade. Why is this franchise so popular?»

«Looking at the recent trends involving the franchise “Bocchi the Rock!” with them, the focus seems to be on sales of physical records and merchandise in general. The new single titled “Into the Light (光中へ)” and released on May 24th is getting excellent positions in the sales rankings. In addition, one by one, each of the girls in the franchise has been turned into figures from the “Nendoroid” line, and the official soundtrack, which includes the theme songs from the anime adaptation, is also interesting because the large size. number of reservations».

«In addition, a compilation film will be released next spring. All this represents a lot of material for a franchise, which is quite rare for works born in the pages of Manga Time Kirara magazines, where a spin-off manga is also planned.».

«One industry critic put it this way: “At first glance, Bocchi the Rock! It looks like a typical moe anime, but there’s a reason it can’t be punched there. The structure of the story is similar to the structure of a light novel, and it can be said that it came at the most opportune moment. You often read about in independent novels published on sites like Shousetsuka ni Narou and Kakuyomu the development of a boring main character who has amazing abilities and surprises the people around him. Often referred to as “K-On! Modern”, and one of the reasons for its success is the incorporation of a plot structure that appeals to today’s audience without neglecting the moe style of the Manga Time Kirara magazines”».

«Because of the stories of reincarnation on other worlds and the exiles and the villainous daughters that developed from them, they succeed in an environment where they can enhance their strengths. “Although the world view of Bocchi of the Rock! It is not a fantasy, the environments of the school and the living house take the roles as situations with the same purposesaid the critic».

«The story revolves around the lonely protagonist Hitori Gotou, who shows off her guitar technique at a live house and is recognized for it. Of course, there is an element of frustration, because she is not able to show her ability due to her comic difficulties, but for that reason there is a lot of fun as she shows her ability as a “guitar heroine”.».

«At the end of the first season of the anime, the setting is moved to a school where a cultural festival is taking place. There was a line in the play: “It’s great progress for a gloomy person to take an active part in a cultural festival”, and that’s exactly what happens. Just like the old series “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu” or “Live A Live”, this has a strong emotional impact on anime fans.».

«However, if the second season of “Bocchi the Rock!” confirmed and the story continues with the original manga, we will get to frustrating stories that are far from what was seen in the first season. The true value of the work will be tested to see how much stress an audience can take».

Fountain: mojito


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