Where is Star Wars going now?

Each week, this newsletter offers a great compliment that stands out above the rest. This week, our recommendation is a Marvel movie that stands out from the rest thanks to the vision of director Sam Raimi. And honestly, that’s all we have to say right now about the movie beyond our spoiler – free review, as heaven knows we won’t be responsible for ruining the latest MCU entry on the opening weekend .

So instead, we want to use this space to talk about an issue and, more importantly, what that issue means for the world of entertainment. The question is: What does baby Yoda smell like?

It’s not a question we hoped to be asked a decade ago, before Disney acquired Lucasfilm and before the Star Wars movie and the TV production line resurrected, and then revived it. George Lucas was not worried about the commodities of his galaxy far, far away. Instead, that galaxy had become a bit messy and dusty, like an attic full of things you promise to clean up sometime.

Now, Star Wars is incredibly clean, carefully planned, and utterly inevitable. Gone are the days when fans of the book’s Expanded Universe debated a very hard time; now we fill Reddit with theories that will be proven or disproved in next week’s episode, this fall’s game, or movie for years to come. Star Wars has climbed back to the top of the pop culture so fast and so fast that it’s not strange to think of the smell of “Baby Yoda” (two words that didn’t come together a few years ago).

With all this in mind, this week we have written three stories about the state of Star Wars and where it is going:

Will the future of Star Wars move in these directions? We will know more when it takes place later this month. Currently, we have a new trailer. Anything that Benny Safdie stars in seems to look very promising. In the meantime, why not play the best 13 Star Wars games you can find in a May 4 sale this year? They will definitely make better use of your money than the weird pest of Grogu.

This week on YouTube | How Call of Duty turned war into a circus | “Call of Duty was created by the developers who worked on it, a World War II game modeled after Steven Spielberg. The film is brutal, uncompromising and a bit romantic. much more and much more vicious than anyone could imagine. It’s part of a military device that sells war to the public. And it’s fun. “

Five stories to read

After 50 years, Captain Pike has the Star Trek series he deserves | It took more than half a century, but it fulfills the promise of Pike’s right spinoff.

The first Game of Thrones spinoff trailer looks pretty promising | Will HBO be able to regenerate the flame that went out to the end of the original series? The trailer suggests what could happen.

Ulster Houseproving to be too good for Disney | “Even with Disney’s intent, The House of Owls is brilliant.”

Everyday Heroes uses D&D rules to wind up Rambo, Highlander, The Crow, and many more | We had them on “Rambo D&D.”

Heartstopper understands the bisexual panic of watching Pirates of the Caribbean | Sometimes a headline says it all.

Four things to keep in mind

in theaters Read our spoiler – free review of Sam Raimi’s return to the superhero industrial complex!

on digital rental platforms such as Amazon and Vudu The director likes anime hits and has taken a great and obscure spell. Are you curious? Read our review.

On cinemas | Controversial director Gaspar Noé does his thing again.

13 Big New Movies Streaming in May | Seriously, you no longer have any excuse to skip the Wachowskis’s unrated jewel.

Moreover, everything new streaming!

Five games to play

Before we get into the list, let’s say: what a week of video games! This may be the first time we have been awarded four games on our Recommended badge in the same week. And we thought this was the low season!

| Polygon suggests imagining yourself without all the stress.

Polygon Recommends | After nearly two years in early access, it’s a worthwhile sequel to beloved roguelite.

| Polygon Recommends | “The greatest strength of the game (and also the most infuriating option) is to separate myself from specific goals and allow myself to exist for no reason.”

| Polygon Recommends | XCOM has always needed more giant space hammers.

Top 25 Xbox Game Pass games | We add new treasures to our rolling list.

Free Game of the Week,

| Reader, there is a snake and it is scary. The game is short and free to play and can be streamed if you prefer to watch someone else play, so we’ll leave the details at that point.

the best of the rest

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  • UHF: Daniel Radcliffe seems heartbroken in Weird Al’s biopic trailer
  • Not for children: Please do not play with the Fisher-Price controller
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  • seen: The new season includes Clippy from Microsoft Office
  • ear worms: New DC Comic The Riddler Who commits his Horrible Crime: Starting a Podcast


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