What did Róisín Murphy say about transgender rights and why is it so controversial?

Róisín Murphy has come under fire online for a statement she posted after fans commented on her use of puberty blockers.

The singer recently came under fire after she posted a comment on Facebook using her personal profile criticizing the use of puberty blockers, drugs used to delay puberty changes in transgender and gender-diverse youth .

Murphy took to Twitter to explain her comment after fans discovered it, saying she had “launched into a very public discourse,” adding: “I will now fully withdraw from this public conversation. “

What did Róisín Murphy say about the rights of transgender people?

In his original Facebook comment, Murphy said: “Please don’t call me a terf [feminista radical trans excluyente]. But puberty blockers are FUCKED, absolutely heartbreaking, Big Pharma laughs it all the way to the bank. Little confused children are vulnerable and need to be protected, that’s true.”

After criticism from her fans and transgender rights groups, the actress explained her comments on Twitter: “I’ve been thrown into a very public discourse in an area that I’m uncomfortable with and I’m very uncomfortable with. I cannot apologize for being the cause of this harmful and potentially dangerous eruption of fire and fury on social media. It is heartbreaking to see the consequences of my actions and the divisions they have created.”

“I should also have known I was going overboard. I’ve spent my whole life celebrating diversity and different perspectives, but I’ve never aimed my music at the pockets of any demographic group or cynically,” on follow. “For those of you who are leaving me, or have already left me, I understand, indeed, but know that I love each and every one of you.”

Murphy added: “I am now withdrawing completely from this public conversation. I have no interest in turning it into any kind of ‘campaign’ because campaigning is not what I’m about. […] My true calling is music and music will not exclude any of us.”

Why are your views controversial?

Since her comments and subsequent explanation, Murphy has been criticized by her fans on social media.

“You claim to be an ally of the LGBTQ+ community and work at queer festivals like Homobloc,” wrote the wisecracking artist Joanna Cuddle on Twitter, “but here you are defrauding your transphobic fans (and any transgender friends you may have) by purchasing transphobically. conspiracy theories “critical genre. You’re doing this, rn.”

Others have also criticized Murphy’s comments, with one writing: “This is cis privilege. You can make ignorant comments about trans kids being ‘confused kids’ and say ‘Big Pharma gets the laughs to the end’ and then just “walk away”. … Trans people can’t “walk away” from the damage you’ve done with your rude comments about them, right?”

Others have pointed to Murphy’s recent interviews, in which he praises his strong gay audience.

“Saying you’re proud of your (queer) audience, drawing inspiration from queer culture, and then pretending your music isn’t for any particular demographic – despite admitting hairless dance-inspired toys ballroom and that Paris is burning – which makes Róisín a liar, as well as admitting that she is transphobic,” wrote one.

However, former Mumford & Sons manager Winston Marshall was one of those who defended Murphy, who said she was “right” and had “nothing to apologize for”.

In March 2021, Marshall faced online backlash after tweeting praise for a book by controversial American journalist Andy Ngo, titled Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan To Destroy Democracy. Taking an initial hiatus from the group following the recession, Marshall officially left Mumford & Sons in June 2021.

While many who oppose transgender rights and puberty blockers have spoken in defense of Murphy, many who are critical of his position point to GLAAD research that claims puberty blockers significantly reduce the risk of suicide in transgender people, and is supported by a plurality medical. organisations.

An article by Philip Graham in the National Library of Medicine also states that the research “shows the benefit of interventions [de los bloqueadores de la pubertad] for the most part and in the absence of significant damage”.

“The most recent critical review of the use of puberty blockers concluded: ‘Although large, long-term studies with diverse and multicultural populations have not been conducted, the evidence to date supports the finding of some serious adverse outcomes and some positive outcomes. which could be there. .'”

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