Watch the full video of the viral TikTok song “Planet Of The Bass”

The viral TikTok song “Planet Of The Bass” finally has a full official video.

Comedian Kyle Gordon, who plays the character DJ Crazy Times, created the europop skit, which was first shared in a 50-second clip on the platform.

Earlier this month, Gordon announced plans for the full release of the song along with a new clip of the song featuring influencer Mara Olney.

The original clip for the track featured Gordon and influencer Audrey Trullinger dressed in Y2K club outfits, mimicking the style of Eurodance music videos, as they lip-synced to the tune around New York’s Oculus Center.

Now, Gordon has shared the full video for the song with Trullinger. You can see it below.

He previously said that one of the main reasons the track blew up was because of the new Barbie movie.

“Maybe I was lucky with the premiere of the Barbie movie, because – and there are now three – people talk about Barbie, after ‘Barbie Girl’ [del grupo de europop Aqua], and when they think of ‘Barbie Girl’, they also think of eurodance, in general. So this fits the environment and of course it’s not something I plan.”

Gordon has said that he is working on a full album after the single is released.

He told Rolling Stone: “It’s called ‘Kyle Gordon is great.’ And it’s in line with what I do on the internet and what I’ve always done in my comedy, which is a wide variety of characters. But on this album, every song is a parody of another genre. So this was clearly the Eurodance song of the 90s. And then I knew I had made this character.”

He says: “When I was going to do this album, I wanted to see if I could do a DJ Crazy Times track.” Other tracks on the album are an early 2000s Martina McBride/Shania Twain pop parody called “Girls Are The Best”. I have a bossa nova parody, an emo pop-punk parody.”

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