Watari-kun no xx ga Houkai Sunzen manga will have an anime

A leak from the next issue of the magazine Young Monthly Magazine confirmed that the manga is written and illustrated by Naru Narumi, Watari-kun no xx ga Houkai Sunzen (Watari-kun on ****** It is about to Collapse), was adapted into an anime. The information is pending official confirmation, and The leak did not reveal production details or a scheduled release date..

Naru Narumi The publication of the manga began through the magazine Young Monthly Magazine from the publisher Kodansha in August 2014, where it is still being published, already in its final stretch. Narumi also wrote the manga Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san (Ms. Koizumi loves Ramen Noodles), which inspired an anime adaptation in 2018.

Summary of Watari-kun no xx ga Houkai Sunzen

Two years ago, the death of Naoto Watari’s parents left him as the sole caretaker of his little sister Suzushiro “Suzu” Watari and forced him to move in with her aunt. He is so attached to Suzu that he refuses to join clubs or even date anyone, earning him snide comments and the title “zircon” at his new school. But as long as Suzu is safe and happy, Naoto doesn’t care what anyone says. However, his teasing colleagues may be the least of his worries. The sudden transition of a girl named Satsuki Tachibana brings back traumatic memories of her past, a history that helped make her so unpleasant. Unpleasant secrets, unknown to Naoto, begin to threaten his new life when he arrives.

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