VTuber sold the recording of the loss of her virginity

The Japanese independent VTuber Koharu Momose (桃 瀬 こ は る) announced through the media that he had released a bizarre ASMR record entitled “Newbie VTuber Virgin Prom – Losing a hymn while using sex toys for the first time [Duración de la sesión de 8 horas]”Through the digital platform DL site.

The bizarre recording is described as follows: «Koharu Momose, who became a biased VTuber while still young, was challenged to lose her virginity with a sex toy. This is the first time you have masturbated for others, and the first time you have used this type of item. First time around, definitely a special case that many will enjoy. This project is a documentary about the steps a girl takes in a confrontation with the toy that is about to enter her.». Below is a preview:

The recording has a total file weight of 3.44 GB, which is high enough for ASMR. It is divided into a total of twenty-one episodes, starting from his personal introduction, fellatio practice, stories while touching himself, and using six different items, including everything from lubricant to a variety of adult items that some might not. even them. seen in his life. Still, the recording was issued at a price of ¥ 8,000 (about 70 dollars), but after it went viral they raised the price to 10,000 yen (about 87 dollars), causing a lot of interest to be lost.

The recording is currently ranked second in the platform’s weekly sales ranking DL site, having sold just over 880 digital copies at the time of writing this article, although it is not possible to know how many were sold at the starting price and how many at the updated price.

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