VTuber reveals she is a woman with children and fans react

Shiobuki Asuka He is a popular Virtual YouTuber (VTuber) who focuses on activities like video games and ASMR recordings (especially if they have something erotic). The design was made by the artist Shibakamebut recently he became a trend due to a series of publications in which he revealed a fact that affected his community: she is a single mother, with a daughter in primary school.

  • «Hey? What’s wrong with being a VTuber and having kids? Why do you feel sorry for the children? It is true that you sometimes feel lonely for children. But that happens with any post, not just VTubers, right? So, on your holidays or in your free time, dedicate yourself to your family. (…) Being a VTuber is my job. Of course, I know I feel it alone, but I think that’s the case in any job.»
  • «I have discussed this with my daughter. I know there are many comments, but I am actively working. My daughter and other viewers support me, so I have to keep doing my best. Thank you all. (…) I don’t see why work is important as long as you earn money. This type of part-time work pays little per hour, but I like it because I can do it at my own pace from the comfort of my home. The amount of money made from streaming… There were times when I was earning hundreds of thousands of yen a month, but that is decreasing».

And why are children affected by VTuber? It turns out that the Japanese often put the VTubers they are fans of on pedestals as “saints”, so the idea that they are a party, not to mention children, seems unimaginable to some. Featured comments included:

  • «I think it would be a problem, for example, if you ignore your child’s calls to prioritize your VTuber work».
  • «The problem is that the VTubers themselves feed the fantasies of the fans who worship them.».
  • «It is absolutely fine. You are at home, so if something happens, you can see your children immediately. And maybe your kids will be VTubers one day».
  • «Why don’t you just come clean and admit that you don’t want anyone to know you’re a single mom, instead of hiding behind your poor social etiquette?».
  • «And why does she get defensive if she thinks she’s so proud of what she does? I think he is not consistent between what he thinks and what he does».
  • «Fine, but don’t complain if your daughter locks herself in the future and becomes a VTuber too».
  • «I think being a VTuber is the perfect job for a single woman with kids. If there is any problem with your children, you can take care of them immediately. No one will know your face, no one will know your real name, no one will be threatened or intimidated».
  • «I think part of the job is to keep private matters separate, which of course he couldn’t do.».

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