VTuber Nimu Spacecat goes viral after accidentally exposing its face

Last February 3 night, the independent VTuber Space cat Nimu did “IRL Video (In Real Life)“, That is, video outside of its virtual environment. At some point in the transmission, the smartphone on which he was recording changed hands and also went to the front camera, showing his face covered with a mask. As a result Nimu became a trend on Twitter in Latin America, generating various reactions. [Por solicitud de Nimu en redes sociales, este artículo no incluirá el segmento en cuestión, pero no es difícil de encontrar dado lo viral que se volvió]

Nimu Spacecat’s face revelation split the internet between those who wanted to prevent the distribution of the broadcast piece where the mistake was made (which is almost useless since it has already become too viral) and those who took the case by grace. As for Nimu herself, she is dealing with accounts that take her face and spread “other photos allegedly leaked“, Asking his fans to deny them. He wrote one of his most recent posts: «The same ones who say I was an idiot and would have done better things in my place, are the same ones who started crying and closing their nets because they couldn’t take the pressure. Accidents happen, close the ortho».

On the other hand, “Space cat Nimu“, Or simply called”Nimu“, It is an Argentine-based VTuber that started its activities in February 2020. Since September 2020, the tracking platform has been a content creator, Stream Elements, that it was among the VTubers in Latin America with the highest number of subscribers, and since July 2021 has been one of the highest growth rates on Twitch. In November 2021, she became the first independent VTuber to surpass one million YouTube subscribers.

Let us not ignore some of the memes that arose from this case:

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