Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt “is full of references for nerds

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt is out today (April 27) and the game’s achievement list is full of geek references.

The battle game set in Masquerade Universe is developed by Sharkmob AB and players enter Prague consuming a ruthless war between vampire clans. “Use your supernatural powers, weapons, and wits to hunt down your rivals and rule the night,” reads the game description.

Coinciding with its release, Sharkbob AB unveiled a list of in-game achievements that players can unlock, and the titles are full of hilarious pop culture references.

“Trapped in endless excitement of life and death” earned after living in Bloodhut and

It’s a nod to the 1997 Berserk anime and quotes “If it hurts, we can kill it” (awarded from 25 players with high quality weapons) from Predator.

On the other hand, by reviving a teammate in Bloodhunt, players will receive the trophy “Somebody call a fucking paramedic”, referring to Robocop, “No bright light, no water and no food after midnight” is a nod to Gremlins and “Maybe add some fava beans and chianti is nice” inspired by Silence of the Lamb.

“I’m a shadow, one that no light will shine” he pays homage to Metal Gear Solid and is unlocked after a Bloodhunt 1500 player dealt damage to the Nosferatu Saboteur Sewer Bomb ability and “They’re all dead. They don’t know. still “The Crow reference and is unlocked after dazzling 25 players with Blinding Beauty Siren Toreador ability.

Check out the full list of achievements here.

In other news, Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida has implemented a list of new rules to tackle what he calls “uncooperative behavior” in an attempt to tackle a little friendlier PvP.


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