Urusei Yatsura reveals new trailer and theme songs ahead of second course

The new Urusei Yatsura anime has revealed a new trailer along with information about the theme song for the second course, which is set to begin airing on January 5th. The new opening song “Aiwanamchu” by MAISONdes feat. asmi and suri. The title of the final theme was not revealed and all we know is that MAISONdes performs it.

In addition to the new trailer and theme songs for the second course, the Urusei Yatsura anime has also revealed new cast additions, which include:

  • Aoi Yukias ten
  • Ayahi Takagakias Ryunosuke
  • Shigeru Chibaas Ryunosuke’s father

David Production is animating the series, which is slated to have a total of 46 episodes; the first 23 will be broadcast in two back-to-back shows (12 are currently out). HIDIVE is streaming the anime. The anime staff includes:

  • Director: Takahiro Kamei, Yasuhiro Kimura and Takahashi Hideya
  • Character Designer: Naoyuki Asano
  • Series cast: Yuki Kakihara
  • Music: Masaru Yokoyama
  • Art Design: Kaoru Aoki
  • Art Director: Masanobu Nomura
  • Cinematographer: Yuichiro Osada
  • Editing: Kiyoshi Hirose

Urusei Yatsurais based on a romantic comedy manga by Rumiko Takahashi, serialized from September 1978 to February 1987. The first anime adaptation had 195 episodes and aired from October 1981 to March 1986. It was animated by Studio DEEN and Pierrot.

Viz MediapublishedUrusei Yatsuramanga in English and describes the plot as:
In a high-stakes game of tag, Ataru must touch Lum’s horns in ten days—or aliens will take over the earth! The fact that Lum can fly doesn’t make Ataru’s job any easier. As it turns out, the game of tag is only the beginning of Ataru’s problems as he continues to attract strange encounters with otherworldly creatures like the beautiful snow spirit Oyuki and the sexy crow goblin princess Kurama!

source:Official Twitter,Fuji Creative Corporation
©Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan / “Urusei Yatsura” Animation Production Committee

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