United States of America: A convention focusing on the l * licon of pedophilia has included a panel

In a forum of comments noted during the convention “Anime Los Angeles 17“There was a conference entitled”L * olicons are Pedophiles and Other Uncomfortable Fandom Truths (L * oliconeros are Pedophiles and Other Uncomfortable Fandom Truths)“, Where various arguments have been made to justify the aserveración. The forum user reported the experience as a chronicle, which is translated below:

«Glad to wear a mask because I'm laughing right now. The man read the title of the convention panel and for the first time there was complete silence. It also appears that the words oath are not included in the living transcript. “If the topics to be discussed motivate you or you feel uncomfortable, you may walk away because of your own mental uncertainty,” says a warning. Don't tell me .. Great… Innovative».

Continue: “It's unbelievable that the panelist is describing resignation and “taking responsibility for this discussion,” but he does not see the equivalent of “l * olicon and pedophile” objectively dangerous and irresponsible. I hope my mobile signal is consistent and stable enough to see everything. Now we are talking about surveillance, Scottish walls (generalization) and fandom surveillance. He then brought up the subject of white men, fake gamer girls, the persecution of women, and people of color (the white man panelist, however). The levels of lack of friends are off the chart. He then explains that he was a “fandom”, that he left me speechless».

Continue: “We’re almost halfway there and we haven’t even started on the main topic yet, because we’re talking about “supporting the artist”, but then he said that buying fan-art is intellectual property theft! I can't believe that buying fan art is considered stealing from the original creators. This guy has a negative sense of reading comprehension. Then he veered into the territory of “anti fujoshi” …»

Continue: “Finally, after 35 minutes, we have to get into the main topic of pedophilia, but first we need to explain a “fashion lolita” and why it is not necessary to consider “l * olicon”. It took 45 minutes to reach the climax of the conference. And his most important point was the important one relating to the Protection (Prosecution Remedies and Other Tools to End Child Exploitation Today) Act 2003. It was a waste of time. Technically, all this shit has been summarized in these points: (1) Anime characters with childish proportions, (2) No matter what age if they look childish, (3) if you like l * olis it means you attracting to the underage, (4) Defense Law implies that everything you do is illegal».

Fountain: Game Varish Hangout | Los Angeles 17 “Anime Convention”

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