Under pressure from Apple, VTubers application bans ‘suggested designs or miniatures’

IRIAM (イ リ ア ム) It's a Japanese smartphone application developed by VTubers ZIZAI (formerly known as DUO Inc.) which allows streaming within its servers and live chat and donations from viewers, but also designs VTubers interested in participating in its virtual space.

For the latter, the stakeholder only needs to have a diagram and a mobile device made to be a streamer, very similar to the VTubers concept. However, apparently due to pressure from an external company (considered to be Apple) have updated their use policies, preventing characters with sexual designs or underage appearance.

«The app store review process indicated that standards for monitoring published content were scarce, and for the service to continue, the review standards needed to be strengthened and enforced quickly. The IRIAM management team believes that it is very important to allow users to express themselves in many different ways. On the other hand, Starting from the premise that IRIAM streams can be seen as “representations of fictional characters, but also as living beings”, we believe that a careful decision on the scope of speech in IRIAM is necessary.», Writes the statement.

«Therefore, we will try to find a good landing point considering both aspects of two – dimensional culture, primarily fiction, and real society. During the appstore review, which led to a tightening of review criteria, the expressions that could provoke or provoke pedophilia were explicitly articulated. In this regard, the IRIAM management team has decided, in the light of socially accepted norms, the national legislation and definition of “child”, specific strict criteria must be applied to all references to minors (up to about 15 years of age)“, follow you.

«As of this release, the following visual elements shall be prohibited: (1) Demonstrations of recommended sexual clothing, such as clothing that exposes too much skin, for example, bathing suits; excessive exposure to the chest area, underwear or other items; (two) Demonstration of facial expressions or sexual posture as expressions suggesting pedophilia; (3) Demonstrations that suggest that the user would be a minor in real life; and (4) Items depicting underage drinking or smoking, with violent or defamatory language or any other abusive expression».

It is not stated in the press release that it was Mansain the company that issued the claim for the project, but one of the application's developers is speculating that this would be the company since similar cases have recently been reported.

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