Uma Musume: A Japanese man took part in a marathon dressed as Mejiro McQueen

On December 12, the Nara Marathon 2021, a sporting event spanning three participations in Nara Prefecture: the 10km race for up to 4,000 participants; the 3 kilometer race for up to 1,500 participants; and the 42,195 kilometer marathon of up to 10,000 participants. While the occasion is interesting in itself, a photo of a man wearing an outfit Mejiro McQueen of franchise Uma Musume: Pretty Derby and participate in one of the three competitions.

It's the man in question Sunny Marathon (マ ラ ソ ン サ ニ ー), a popular Japanese Twitter user who was taking part in a marathon cosplaying characters from his favorite franchises. In fact, in his official Twitter account you can share some photos of his latest engagement from various people on social networks:

The video game was released on February 24 in Japan for mobile devices, and a PC version was released on March 10. Its launch was originally scheduled for Winter-2018 (January-March), however, it has since been indefinitely delayed in order to improve the quality of the final product. A global release has not been announced, but delivery is available in a catalog QooApp in this link.

Summary Uma Musume Pretty Derby

In the world of horse racing, Team Spica's horse girls are very popular as they continue to win. The person who gets the most attention in the group is Toukai Teiou, who is known for his witty personality and exceptional current skills. Teiou aims to become an unprotected Triple Crown horse girl by winning all three consecutive G1 races, a trick that has not been accomplished since the legendary Rudolf Symbolist managed to do it many years ago. On his way to get the Thriple Crown, Teiou faces many challenges, meeting old and new rivals. However, amid its fierce rivalry, Teiou will soon make decisions that will have a major impact on its own current career.

Fountain: Otakomu

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Il n'y a pas de honte à être faible, la honte est de le rester.

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