Two Los Angeles policemen prioritize Pokémon GO over robbery

A California court has ruled that two Los Angeles Police Department officers who ignored an ongoing robbery call to shoot Snorlax in Pokémon dul instead they will be fired.

Court documents indicate that the incident took place in April 2017, when officers Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell were on foot patrol. During their patrol, they received a support call to handle an active robbery with many suspects in a nearby shopping center. But instead of coming to their aid, they left the scene. When asked by their sergeant about the lack of response to the call, they claimed that they had not heard it because “a lot of music“and was”very high in the parkWhere they were on patrol.

The sergeant first let him slip, but he soon came to his senses: it was, after all, a more serious case than imitation Pokémon dul on your computer. He decided to look at the car's digital video system, which records the actions of officers while in their vehicles, and that's where things went awry for the “Pokémon Officers“: The video indicated that they were actually parked very close to the venue when the call was received, not only that they listened to the call, but that they discussed whether they should answer it, and that they spoke on the radio to they were somewhere else to justify them. the request for reinforcement did not respond.

At that point the matter was referred to a detective for investigation, and things continued to deteriorate. The detective, after a few minutes of ignoring the calls, found that officers responded to a high-priority incident instead: Snorlax appeared in Pokemon GO. They then spent about 20 minutes driving around Los Angeles, talking about Pokemon and the pursuit of the Snorlax, and during that time Togetic also appeared, and after catching the Snorlax, they agreed to catch him the Togetic as well..

In follow-up interviews, the two officials claimed that they were not actually playing the game, but were talking about it. The detective who investigated the case concluded “they were not honest“. On investigation, Lozano and Mitchell pleaded guilty to not responding to the backup request, but refused to play Pokémon GO while on duty and after making a lie to cover it. They admitted leaving their assigned patrol zone to pursue Snorlax, but said it was part of “additional patrols“, And not just a game”social media event. “

Their protests were of no use: Both officers were found guilty of various violations and dismissed. However, they appealed against the dismissal, arguing that the video evidence collected in their patrol car was inadmissible and that their rights had been violated when their sergeant first questioned them about the incident without their lawyers. The court rejected those claims, which led to the current appeal, which have now also been rejected. The details are extensive, but the summary is that the court ruled that the video recording in the car was acceptable and properly used in the case, and that his speech to the sergeant did not infringe his rights. Therefore, his dismissal is confirmed.

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