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Two classic Doctor Who comrades return to Jodie Whittaker’s final show

Doctor Who is no stranger to bringing back old companions when a Doctor leaves, but those companions are usually the ones who traveled with that Doctor. However, in the teaser trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who centenary special, in which Jodie Whittaker is leaving the series, she will be joined by two companions whom she has never traveled with. Tegan Jovanka and Ace, played by Janet Fielding and Sophie Aldred respectively, return, marking the surprising return of two “classics” that accompanied Whittaker’s tenure.

Chris Chibnall, who is also leaving the series, has marked his time as a show director by taking some old – school approaches to the series, with exotic race designs such as the Sontarans and Sea Devils redesigned to make a closer look. them with the look of the classic series. But this is the first time companions have been incorporated since the classic time of the series. Fielding traveled with the Fifth Doctor between 1981 and 1984 as Tegan Jovanka, an airline warden who did not want to travel with the Doctor at all for much of her career. For his part, Aldred was playing with Ace, one of Doctor Who’s most popular companions, who traveled with the Seventh Doctor for the final two seasons of the series before being canceled in 1989.

For fans of the classic series, it’s absolutely amazing to see these faces return to the screen, but Chibnall has marked his career with a series of tricks and surprises. He was keen to create an earlier version of The Doctor that no one played by Jo Martin and also brought back the favorite sideline of NuWho Jack Harkness fans to reunite with Whittaker’s Doctor. While both movements have generated excitement, the completion and reconfiguration of the canon of the fan series has often succeeded in expelling both the fan and the general public. However, the BBC has announced that the man who relaunched the series, Russel T. Davies, will return immediately after Chibnall’s departure, hoping to breathe new life into an obsolete series.

The Centennial Special, not yet officially named, premieres this fall.


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