Troye Sivan announces PinkPantheress remix of “Rush

Troye Sivan has announced a new remix of “Rush” featuring PinkPantheress.

Australian pop singer-songwriter Sivan returned to music last month with new single “Rush” and announced “Something To Give Each Other”, his first full-length album in five years, to be released on the 13 October.

This month he has also released a collection of remixes of “Rush” with artists Big Freedia, Punctual, Tom Santa and Leland.

Now, PinkPantheress and Sivan have announced their own version of the theme.

Last night (August 27), PinkPantheress posted a snippet of a previously unreleased verse on TikTok, in which she took a screenshot of one of her own tweets from last month which read: “troye sivans new song is toooooo toooooo good wtf.”

She overlaid the text “hit another demo” and the caption read “so excited for you guys to hear the Rush remix”.

Sivan also shared his own TikTok teaser playing a snippet of a PinkPantheress song with the caption, “Wow I love this woman’s voice. I would love to sing with her one day.”


so excited to hear the rush remix 🎧 ❤️ feat my @STARFACE because my skin is broken

♬ original sound – 😘🙈☺️


It is 8 am

♬ original sound – 😘🙈☺️

Sivan previously described ‘Rush’ as ​​”the feeling of being kissed by a sweaty stranger on a dance floor, a two-hour date that turned into a weekend, a crush, a winter, a summer.”

“Party after party, after party after party. Every experience I have from a chapter where I feel safe, free and free,” he said in a press release. “Independent and yet somehow most connected to the music and the community around me.”

Sivan also described his upcoming new album as “a celebration of sex, dance, sweat, community, homosexuality, love and friendship”. Pre-orders are available here.

Last month, Sivan responded to criticism of the lack of body diversity in the “Rush” video.

“I definitely hear the criticism,” he told Billboard. To be honest, it wasn’t our idea – obviously we weren’t saying, ‘We want a certain type of person in the video.’ We made the video, and there wasn’t much thought behind it, we made the video, and there wasn’t much thought behind it.

In a 2018 five-star review of ‘Bloom’, NME wrote that “with her triumphant sophomore album, the Perth-based pop star ditches all the filters to share an optimistic statement that washes over you like a dopamine rush.”

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