Transgender people hoped to be represented in Oniichan wa Oshimai!

In this new season of Winter-2023 (January-March) A very special series will take place first, entitled From the Oshimai! (Onimai: I’m your Sister now!). It is an adaptation of the manga of the same name written and illustrated by nekotoufuand although it adapts Studio Connection (which, I was only supposed to do Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation without a Job), does not seem to be the most popular data on social networks.

The story focuses on Mahiro Oyama, a lover of erotic video games, who one day wakes up as a woman because his sister, a mad scientist, used him as an experimental subject. That’s the premise of the series, and while it’s clearly a joke, some people expected to see “transgender representation“. That’s what the Twitter user wrote “@uxiedustwhen he shared the series’ leaked opening sequence, accompanied by text: “This is not what we meant when we asked for cross-representation in the anime!».

Of course, her post drew mixed opinions about the need to “trace three feet of the cat“, that is, seeking transsexual or transgender representation in a series not intended for this. Obviously, when he saw a lot of negative comments, he just said “it was baitbut among those opinions stood:

  • «I hope you are kidding. This series is not meant to represent those people».
  • «When people get mad that a show exists, it means it’s worth watching.».
  • «I want trans representation, not trans “fetishization”.».
  • «It’s going to be one of those animes full of suggestive scenes, right?».
  • «He’s cute, unlike you».
  • «Wow, he thought, “fetishization” would be minor».
  • «The problem is that they make these series impossible to recommend to anyone else.».
  • «It doesn’t try to cross-present. Except for his sister, they keep it a secret from everyone, and he has never had a problem with his gender. His problem is that he is not sociable and stays up all day playing decadent games. This gives her another chance in life, but as a girl».
  • «wait, nobody Seriously thought this was going to be a cross representation? It’s a gender series about a man who has been turned into a girl by his little sister, how can you not find the tunes extremely fetish?».
  • «Good, because it never was. It was never designed to be more than a Doga Kobo-style fetish show. Transgender people need to stop assuming that any mainstream media cares about transgender struggles. Take a medium like yourself, make a trans story that everyone can relate to».
  • «I thought that was what they did based on the repetition of masculine and feminine symbols. I didn’t want to accept it because I don’t know the language well. What is wrong with this series? Is it made for limes or something?».
  • «Like it or not, she is a trans girl. He deals with things like puberty again and has to take his hormones to keep up with the changes. If you think this is a fetish, that’s your problem.».

Summary of Oniichan wa Oshimai!

Mahiro Oyama was an ordinary man who loved erotic games… until one morning he woke up as a woman! It turns out that his little sister, the mad scientist Mihari, tried one of her new experiments on him… with disastrous results, as far as Mahiro was concerned! But Mihari is just as determined to study it as he is to return to his life as a closet gamer, and one thing is for sure… life is going to be a lot weirder from now on!

Fountain: @uxiedust on Twitter

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