Tony Hadley was taken to hospital after falling ill at a concert in Northern Ireland

Tony Hadley was rushed to hospital just before his performance in Lorne, Northern Ireland, on Sunday evening, August 27.

The 63-year-old former Spandau Ballet boss was due to headline the Antrim Coast Live Cleaner Water Half Marathon but fell ill during sound check.

After the sound check, he also met the fans to say hello, but he seemed uncomfortable and told the organizers that he was sick.

“We have St John’s Ambulance,” a public relations representative for the event told the Belfast Telegraph.

“We had to do the right thing for him and he was taken to the hospital, and all his crew have gone with him, to stay together. We hope he will recover soon.”

Belfast singer Brendan Quinn took the job along with violinist Ciara Maguire.

Ruth McIlroy, the organizer of the weekend, said the fans were “very understanding”.

“A lot of the audience heard him doing his soundcheck, but unfortunately it was clear he wasn’t feeling well and he got worse as the night went on,” he said.

“It was very clear to the doctors on site that I had to go to hospital. It’s disappointing because we had a great day with the half marathon earlier, and Tony would be singing as icing on the cake, but we have to take care of people, and we are more concerned that it is good.

“Artists are not robots, they are human too, and we wish him a speedy recovery.”

The artist was scheduled to perform songs from his solo career along with Spandau Ballet classics like “True” and “Through The Barricades.”

Hadley resigned as principal singer of Spandau Ballet in 2017, citing circumstances beyond her control. Speaking to NME in 2021, he said: “I’ll never say what happened and it’s up to them. [el resto de Spandau] tell the real story and tell the truth”.

“I didn’t want to quit the band and we could have an anniversary show that would be great.”

Earlier this year, he told The Mirror: “They could offer me all the tea in China and I wouldn’t go back to them. No way.”

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