Tomoyo Kurosawa, the voice of Rebecca, announces her marriage

This morning, the seiyuu and actor Tomoyo Kurosawa He shared an update through his official Twitter account stating that he has decided to get married. Kurosawa shared a handwritten document in which he expressed the following: «I, Tomoyo Kurosawa, have decided to marry the love of my life. I ask you to continue to support me in the future.».

Toho Entertainment, the agency that Kurosawa belongs to, also announced the news on its official website. The company wrote: “We are pleased to inform you that Tomoyo Kurosawa, an actress associated with our company, is married. We regret to make this announcement so suddenly, but we hope that everyone concerned will keep an eye on it. We ask that you continue to support Tomoyo Kurosawa.».

On the other hand, Tomoyo Kurosawa is known for roles such as Phosphophyllite in Houseki no Kuni; Kumiko Oumae i Hibike! euphonium; rebecca enters Cyberpunk: Edgerunners; Tina Sprout entered Black Bullet; Ordinary person i Akudama drive; and Mitsumi Iwakura i Skip to Loafer, among many others. It was the voice of hayase nagatoro in the manga’s promotional materials Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san. Naturally, the news was well received on the comment boards in Japan:

  • «Congratulations on your wedding!».
  • «Congratulations! May you start raising a beautiful family!».
  • «Congratulations on your wedding, I hope you have a beautiful married life».
  • «Tomoyo-chan is a girl who started acting as a child, so it’s strange for those of us who have always supported her to see her now announcing her marriage.».
  • «Oh, Rebecca-chan has gotten married, I feel very relieved somehow, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.».

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