Tomorrow X Together announced their collaboration with Manchester City FC for the song “Do It Like That

Tomorrow X Together have announced an upcoming collaboration with Manchester City FC, hinting that they may team up on their recent single “Do It Like That”.

Last night (August 9), the England soccer team announced the first possible collaboration on their official Instagram page, sharing a short clip of the K-pop group members meeting with the team’s midfielder Kevin De Bruyne.

“Man City x TXT collaboration ‘Do It Like That,’ coming soon to Roblox!” read the caption, which showed images of De Bruyne meeting the quintet and briefly discussing the band’s roots. The footballer signs a shirt for the members and announces “I don’t know how to dance”, before asking how long they’ve been together.

He was also surprised to learn that the members had been together for seven years – including their time as trainees – to which he replied “Already?” and he told them afterwards “keep doing what you do. You guys are great.” Watch the video below.

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In a subsequent post, the British Premier League champions teased the track collaboration again, sharing an image of De Bruyne and the group in the signature jersey. “[Tomorrow X Together] Kevin De Bruyne reunites as part of Man City x TXT collaboration with ‘Do It Like That,’” read the caption, also reiterating that the new project will be “coming soon on Roblox”.

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Although it is not yet clear how they will collaborate, this is not the first time the group have worked together with famous faces for their latest single.

The new song, released in July, was a collaboration between the K-pop stars and the Jonas Brothers, and the two star in a music video that sees the brothers performing the funky pop song on a completely white stage. Nick and Kevin play the guitar, and Joe takes care of the vocals.

“When I was young, I would watch Camp Rock and watch the Jonas Brothers,” member Hueningkai tells of his love for the trio. “I thought, ‘Oh, I want to be like them.’ So they are my role models, and I was happy to collaborate with them. It was a dream come true.” Watch the music video below.

The news of the possible collaboration with Manchester City FC comes on the heels of Tomorrow X Together again appearing in part of the Chicago festival, Lollapalooza.

Last year, the band was the first Korean group to perform at the Chicago festival, and this time, they were the first Korean group to headline. The performance received a five-star review from NME, describing it as “TXT’s moment to shine”.

“The idea of ​​youth is always present in the repertoire, and the collection of songs we share tonight includes all its aspects. It shows flirtations with temptation through the heady ‘Devil By The Window’ and the feeling of the end of the world. break into ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’, followed by an outrageous new extended dance break,” he read. “As Beomgyu lights a rose and flings it nonchalantly over his shoulder, huge flames erupt in front of the stage and the group launches even more complex choreography.”

In the recent Disney + documentary Our Last Summer , rapper Yeonjun expressed that he wasn’t “sure if we should be” on the bill. “Did we deserve to be there?” he said. “We were worried that we might spoil the atmosphere.”

Speaking backstage with NME, however, the band explained the source of their anxiety and confirmed that they are more confident this time around.

“Actually, I think she was very nervous because it was her first time on such a big stage and she thought she was missing out and maybe that’s why she thought she didn’t deserve it to be on such a big stage,” said Yeonjun. “But I think I’ve grown a lot and I really want to be an artist who can get into that situation.”

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