Tomodachi Game Finale receives a preview

The finale of Tomodachi game the anime is almost here, as is the visualization for it. The final episode of the season will focus on the aftermath of the freezing call Yuichi received in the final moments of episode 11. Will he and Tenji be able to save Kokorogi? And can they trust Shiho?

The official website describes the plot of the upcoming episode as:
Shiho suddenly disappears and Shibe is arrested. A mysterious man announces a new game without giving Yuichi and Tenji time to deal with the situation.
Yuichi heads to the scene to save Yutori, who is involved in the game, but what awaits him is a game that is more difficult than ever.
How much pain can he endure in the name of his friend? … A special edition of the Tomodachi game “The weakest wins the game” begins.

The website also revealed some preview images for Tomodachi anime game final:

Crunchyrollstreams the anime. The plot follows Yuichi Katagiri, a high school student who values ​​friendship above all else. He lived a full, peaceful life with his friends Tenji, Shiho, Makoto, and Yutori until a large debt forced them to play a game to pay it off. The only way to clear this game is to never doubt your friends. For these 5 it sounds easy, but soon the dark secrets come to light.

Source:Official Twitter,Official website
© Mikoto Yamaguchi, Yuki Sato, Kodansha / Tomodachi Game Production Committee.

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