This is what anime censorship looks like in India

animax back to India in the form of a little-heralded release i jiotv. Currently, the channel can be seen on the streaming service. However, it is said to be in the testing phase, as the shows are only available with Japanese audio and no English subtitles.

In addition to the testing phase, it appears that, at least in its current form, Animax is censoring some portrayals of female characters. Anime has often been controversial for the way it portrays women, especially when it comes to their physical appearance. This often includes exaggerated features, such as large breasts.

When anime is broadcast on television, especially in countries like India, with strict broadcast regulations, networks can choose to censor certain content.. This may include sexualized depictions of female characters, or extreme cleavage. Censorship can be done by blurring out the parts in question or by removing parts of the program. Animax seems to be adopting the first method of censorship.

According to a report from IGN Indiaduring the airing of the anime Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e (For the Abandoned Holy Rites), the appearance of the breasts of some female characters very vague. The viewer experience can be less than ideal, especially when one of the supporting characters appears to be a permanent blur, Liza Runecastleevery time it appears on the screen.


It’s understandable that channels have to abide by broadcast regulations, but it can be frustrating for anime fans who enjoy the source versions of their favorite series.. It is also likely that the decision to censor is an attempt to reach a wider audience and maintain a more scientific image. However, censoring the cleavage of the female characters by blurring it can be very annoying as it can disrupt the audience’s total immersion in the story. It can also draw unnecessary attention to the censorship itself.

Censorship of anime is also present in other media, not only on television

Censorship of anime content is not limited to television. According to a report by IGN India, while attending a screening of it jujutsu kaisen 0 at a local cinema, it was found that the film was also a victim of censorship. Despite announcing the film’s mature themes and content, oral jokes were censored with muted sound and subtitles changed to remove any hint of suggestive dialogue. Not only was the censor surprised, the change made the entire community audibly frustrated.

Also, some anime fans may think that censorship of female characters is a permanent double standard. This is because the male characters are often seen without censorship, even though they are portrayed in a similar sexual manner.

It should be noted that the trailer for Animax Asia of Katsute Kami Datta Kemono-tachi e (For the Abandoned Holy Rites) does not show any form of censorship. The Anime channel may be choosing to enforce stricter censorship policies in India compared to other regions, due to laws and regulations regarding content deemed inappropriate or offensive here.

animax back to India through KC Global Mediawhich acquired the channel from Sony in 2020. The company has already announced that programs such as Golden Kamuy, Naruto, Kuroko no basket and gintama seen on Animax in India.

Both Naruto and Gintama contain fandom and many innuendos and sexual references.. There’s also a healthy dose of nuanced humor including suggestive dialogue and stunt doubles. It remains to be seen whether the censorship implemented in Animax will extend to both verbal references and visual content. Excessive censorship on Animax could have a negative impact on the viewer experience, as the humor and content of the shows could be altered or lost entirely.

Fountain: IGN India


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