Thirteen year old girl starts as a mangaka in Cheese!

A high school girl has started out as a mangaka in the November issue of the magazine. Cheese!. Journal of shōjo posting relationships is known for more focused work “Mature” than those published by other journals.

Cheese! He has published the young artist manga

The girl is Shion sakamaki is only 13 years old and is the title of his work Amaku Nigaku Mitashite (Meet me sweetly and bitterly).

Manga Amaku Nigaku Mitashite with little Shion Sakamaki.

Summary of Amaku Nigaku Mitashite

The story focuses on Shiori, a 17 – year – old high school student who wants to put the feelings of her first love behind her. To achieve this, she decides to give her body to a man only once. Her warmth and breath, however, hold her and she seems unable to part. Maybe they will become friends with benefits …

Amaku Nigaku Mitashite.

November Edition Cheese! It includes an interview with the mangaka Kotomi aoki, who also debuted as a teenager with his play 99 one Namida. Sakamaki I have a great respect for work Aoki. The girl is the youngest manga artist to start with Cheese! She joins other young manga initiatives like Ran Tokiwa, which won the award in 2015 Newcomer Comic Grand Prize ó Shogakukan when he was only 14 years old.

Cheese! It is a monthly magazine published by the publisher in Japan Shogakukan since 1996. The magazine is aimed at the female community and recurring themes include love and mature relationships.

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