Thighs are overtaking breasts, they say

In the most passionate corners of the Anime fan communitiesa debate has arisen that has fueled the networks and comment forums: What is more attractive in anime waifu, big breasts or abundant thighs? Passionate fans of this genre have expressed their lively opinions, sparking a lively discussion about the physical characteristics that make a girl truly attractive.

Some of the public argue in favor of large breasts as the most attractive feature in an anime girl. However, some suggest that this preference may be on the wane, as “breastfeeding” may be bringing more distinctive tastes. According to its proponents, large breasts have been a standard of beauty in Anime culture for years, contributing to the creation of iconic and memorable characters.

On the other side of the debate, proponents of thighs and legs as attractive features argue that attention is being paid to finer details. They argue that well-drawn thighs and delicate legs can express beauty and personality in a unique way. This group argues that these aspects are often overlooked, but have a significant impact on the overall appearance of an anime character.

The big breasts vs. full thighs debate reflects the different aesthetic preferences within the anime fandom. While some still adhere to traditional standards, others are eager to see an evolution in the representation of beauty in the world of anime. Character designers also play a vital role in this debate, trying to balance fan desires with artistic creativity and storytelling.

And you, what do you prefer? Let’s review the comments:

  • «Why is 90 percent of ecchi anime focused on the breasts when thighs and buttocks are clearly better?».
  • «The sizes and shapes of breasts are very different with the variety of asses and thighs. Also, you can’t imitate a boob bouncing on your thighs. the breasts are better».
  • «We should not fight brothers, it is not allowed between the followers of the breasts and the followers of the donkey to separate, but to understand each other».
  • «As a nation heavily influenced by Western culture since the early 20th century, Japan has some of the oldest censorship laws in the world. Keep in mind that Japan is not the worst country, since South Korea pornography is completely illegal. This affected not only anime, but also Japanese culture, where even Japanese pornography is censored. It is the only thing Japan can show without breasts. That’s why it’s easy to see that 90% of fans are targeting a female breast, even if it’s not.».
  • «Well, the Japanese are fans of breasts in general, so it’s inevitable that it’s the dominant flavor in anime».
  • «I think that tits are easier to draw than a nice ass, exactly».
  • «Proliferation of breasts is a reflection of Japanese society as the dominant taste».
  • «Big thighs are an indication of being overweight, while good breasts are attractive. I don’t say it, medical science says it».
  • «Most people love breasts, and those who go for thighs and bottoms are the ones who want to go against it. It’s like those who hate isekai just because it’s popular, even though they haven’t seen any series of the genre».
  • «Well friends, not all of us are fans of cool, armpits, or some other weird fetish. She may be popular in a small circle, but her taste for tits is completely better.».
  • «The breasts also vary in size and show more or less femininity. so it’s hard to avoid seeing them in front of you. Therefore, it is more justifiable compared to thighs and ass when one focuses attention on the breasts.».

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