They suspect that VTuber is an old man who does ASMR

Recently, the popular VTuber has committed to posting ASMR recordings, “Sakyuba Noah (Sakyuba Noah)“It became a trend because he published a photo with a delicious yogurt ice cream. However, his followers began to doubt whether there is really a woman behind the camera, since they confirm that this hand is not feminine.

Featured comments included:

  • «He has hair on his fingers and the skin on his fingers is so torn it’s really bad. It is a pity that they are deceived by this old man».
  • «On the contrary, how did you think she was a woman?».
  • «His hands are more than wrinkled».
  • «Why did he show his hands?».
  • «I knew he was an old man as soon as I saw him».
  • «On the contrary, it is exciting to think that an old man makes this kind of material».
  • «It’s a thumbnail desperate to make you click».
  • «Too many men pretending to be women in the simps world».
  • «Dirty nails, it’s not like a girl».
  • «That’s why I’m afraid to promote independent VTubers. After all, Hololive are actually women».
  • «Is it so hard to know who a boy is?».
  • «And dirty rusty fingers».
  • «As a VTuber, you won’t have all the credibility for being a woman».
  • «He is an old man and if ASMR excites virgins, will he have experience in the field?».
  • «this country is in shit».
  • «I’m curious about his face when he does his straight».

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