They send death threats to cancel the program Love Live! Sunshine!!

On August 2, a threatening letter was sent to the Sakaiminato City Hallon the Tottori Prefecturedemanding that the co-operation event between the Conradh na Gaeilge franchise be cancelled Love Live! Sunshine!! and a shopping mall LaLaport Numazuon the Shizuoka Prefecture, which will begin on August 5. As the reader may have already noticed in the names of the predecessors, they are not identical to each other.

According to the Sakaiminato City Council spokesperson, The threats were sent to an email form on the city’s website around 7:38 am on August 2, and had statements such as “If this is not cancelled, we will be stealing concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid, and concentrated hydrochloric acid from primary and secondary schools on August 5th.“Y”We will stun children with electric batteries and kidnap them».

Sakaiminato City Council said the city was not involved in this event and they are not sure why it was found.but on July 25, a threatening letter was also received from the same sender with the same name, demanding the cancellation of the former prime minister’s state funeral Shinzo Abe. The city is more vigilant and will issue alerts on its website, monitor chemicals in schools and inspect facilities.

As for why you want to cancel this collaboration, it turned out that the franchise of Love Live! Sunshine!! It will cooperate with the commercial complex LaLaport Numazu starting next August 5, and to commemorate this, a promotional video featuring the members of the music unit was released Aquariums. This image was criticized by the feminist collection in Japan because the skirt of the girls “points too much” to the pubis.

All the controversy available in this article.

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