They publish a guide on how to become a ‘good otaku’

One of the big differences between being an otaku and a hobby is that the former has a much higher level of interest. But while that intense passion can be an emotionally worthwhile otaku in the short term, it is not always a lifestyle that can be sustained indefinitely, as it has the potential to burn, the collapse of enthusiastic communities, or other problems ruin the fun and make the otaku give up his hobby.

To avoid this sad result, a Japanese Twitter user @t_shigeno you have created a list of 17 SOGs, or Otaku Sustainable Goals. The purpose of the SOGs is to outline what otaku must do, for themselves and others, to keep their community viable.

SOG 1 – Without health, there is no life SOG 2 – Compatible with social life SOG 3 – Bathe

The list begins with three goals that are not just a part of being a fan, but are still life-critical functions that some otaku forget to respect. “Without health, there is no lifeIt's a call to take care of your physical health, because even if you spend a lot of time watching anime or playing in a 2D world, you still need to take care of your body in the real world. “Compatible with social lifeIt is a reminder to be a responsible and active member of society as a whole, not just within the microscope of the fanatical society. “Take a bath“Of course, it's self – explanatory, so it's less of a wake – up call and more pleading without forcing others to pick their noses when you're around.

They publish a guide on how to become a 'good otaku'
SOG 4 – Spread the economy SOG 5 – Support your favorite artist as much as you can SOG 6 – Make the Right Contribution

Here are three SOGs of spending habits. If you want to consume entertainment media, it is important that you contribute financially to its creation, but also that you do so in a way that is appropriate to your economic situation, and that you do not spend the purchase money on limited edition products, no matter Let those special items cool. Support for oshi (favorite artist), used here in the sense of idol, vocal actor or other favorite artist. The “and you canIt’s crucial to keep in mind, as many otaku-focused artists have very short careers, which can be further shortened if not supported by fans.

They publish a guide on how to become a 'good otaku'
SOG 7 – Enjoy and follow SOG 8 – Have a good relationship SOG 9 – It's me, other people and other people

The SOG 7 may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes the amount of time and excitement that otakus puts into their hobbies can cause them to lose sight of the fact that hobbies are considered fun, and once they stop having fun, it's only a matter of time until exhaustion occurs. However, it's not just your own fun that you need to take care of. If you go out of your way to be nice and polite to fellow fans, and wholeheartedly agree to disagree with things like pairing of selected characters, you will go on to help other enthusiasts stay otaku too.

SOG 10 – See correct information SOG 11 – Compliance with Law and Procedure SOG 12 – Take care of property

Here we come to some more modern features of otaku-ism. While the wealth of information available to anyone with an internet connection can provoke lively discussion, inaccurate information can lead to inaccurate problems, especially if it is used to wage a fierce war with someone who is not. is really wrong. Point 11 refers to otaku-ism now much more out of town than it used to be, with a number of conventions, fan events and pilgrimages to unprecedented places, refraining from invading personal space and property. points to keep in mind for otaku, in case such events and meetings start to be canceled or banned. Also, with decades of otaku ware, it is even more important to keep old goods in good condition, as some of the remnants of otaku's legacy can no longer be replaced.

SOG 13 – Not just consumption, but supply SOG 14 – A peaceful vision of self and others SOG 15 – Sustaining the Next Generation

Not only eat, but supply“It may already be covered in SOG 4,”Spread the economy“.However, as the lines like Wi – Fi radiating from the otaku silhouette show, it's related to the entry and exit of ideas, and the sense that the fandom succeeds in such exchanges. While these exchanges may also lead to disagreements, it is important to be able to think calmly and serenely about yourself and others.

SOG 16 – Courage to change and to rest SOG 17 – Prepare for the unexpected

Finally, just like SOG 1's self – care advice, don't forget that sometimes it's best to take a step back and stairs, or do whatever it takes to relax and unwind your mind and mind. body. Lastly, and this is good advice for building a sustainable system of any kind, make sure you have some backup plans in place in case things don't turn out exactly as you thought, as well as giving you plenty of room. yourself to carry out your personal B. (or C or D) plan.

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