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They open a petition to revive Cowboy Bebop’s ‘live performance’ of action

In social networks, the opening of a petition through the platform came as a matter of interest Change.Org (the same that has lost all credibility in recent years by being the object of memes and parodies) for “rescue”Production of the live-action series Bebop bó, by the audience who enjoyed the final product. As of the date of writing this article, the petition has already accumulated more than 35 thousand signatures, and the petition's message writes: «For those looking for a second season (or more) of Cowboy Bebop live action. It wasn't a direct copy of the anime but the world they put together was incredible and they deserve a second season».

Among those who sign up in favor of this petition you can include comments such as: «Honestly, toxicity often comes from anime fans who are gatherers. What they do not understand is that not everyone watches anime. Most Gen Zs have never seen anime nor would they bother watching it. And that's the purpose of the adaptations: to present intellectual property to potential new fans.“Y”This was a great adaptation. Admittedly there were some minor issues, but they did reflect well on the constraints of filming in a small island nation that was completely closed and with very limited MIQ facilities. The second season was a great opportunity to harness the potential of the league.».

Bebop bó

The first season (and now only) of this live-action project was screened on 19 November via the platform's global catalog Netflix, counting to ten episodes in total, until earlier this month the Hollywood Reporter they reported the cancellation of the project, which was confirmed by various media and actors involved. The series maintained an acceptable level of scene on stage during its first week, but it dropped later.

Summary Cowbb Bebop

In 2071, mankind colonized some of the planets and peat in the solar system leaving the planet's now uninhabitable surface. Intersolar System Police try to keep the peace in the galaxy, aided in part by bounty hunters known as “Cowboys.” The motley crew aboard the Bebop spacecraft are two such people. The Spike balances Spiegel easily and gayly with his boisterous and pragmatic Jet Black partner as the pair survive chasing crocuses and collecting bounties. Deviation by adding new members they meet on their travels: Ein, a very intelligent and genetically modified Welsh Corgi; femme-fatale Faye Valentine, enigmatic trickster with memory loss; and weird computer boy Edward Wong – the team embarks on exciting adventures that unravel the dark and mysterious past of every little member.

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