They launch a drink with ‘waifu thighs’ on it

Supps Gamer he has launched his new product”Anime girl thigh“, a bold and unique experience with a flavor that promises to revolutionize your gaming sessions. This product is described as a delicious meeting between sun-ripened oranges and extremely smooth cream. The combination of the citrus acidity of the orange and the sweetness of the cream creates a taste explosion that rivals the most exciting moments of your favorite anime series.

“Anime Girl Thigh” is not only a delight for your palate, but it is also designed to improve your performance during your video games. According to the specifications, it is suitable for low-carb and ketogenic diets; a healthier choice for your consumption; It helps to maintain a calm and clear focus while playing; it prevents energy drops and promotes healthier eating; and maximize your energy and stamina without compromising quality.

The product is supplied in a container with 100 servings at a price of 39.99 US dollarsbut the most interesting comments from the public are certainly:

  • «This flavor reminds me of the lollipops I used to have as a kid with strawberry Allen and orange marshmallows.».
  • «Like everyone said, it’s like my childhood favorite ice cream and it’s the best».
  • «The taste is very light and the touch of the thighs is very good».
  • «It tasted like an anime girl’s thighs should taste. I can’t stop drinking. I want more “Anime Girl Thigh”.».
  • «If I have one complaint it’s that the nomenclature and packaging art rarely give any idea of ​​what the flavor actually tastes like. Orange ice cream appears to be an energy drink.».
  • «Like watering down a real orange ice cream. Although they look at me strangely if I suggest it by name, and my family probably thinks I’m degenerate since seeing the packaging, it’s a great flavor and I really enjoy it. It’s probably my new favorite flavor.».
  • «Probably one of the best flavors, questionable name aside I highly recommend it».
  • «I originally ordered it because of the name and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it is. I have already ordered another bottle when I run out. Worth a try if you like the taste of orange ice cream.».

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