They ignore the activist who complained about sexism in Saki

A collaboration poster between the video game for smartphones great soul and the television anime Saki Zenkoku-chicken (Saki: The Nationals) at JR Osaka Station, the target of criticism came from skates, a former member of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Constitutional Party of Japan (DPJ). Although some on the internet sympathize with Otsuji, who condemns the “promotion of sexism” and other forms of “gender inequality”others pointed out that the perception of anime illustrations depends entirely on the person.

When questioned about the alleged facts, JR West Communicationsthe general advertising agency responsible for managing and promoting posters and billboards in stations and trains, He said the decision was made with care and attention, saying that some officials had looked into whether there were any problems and had made some amendments. The company indicated that the placement of the ads had, in fact, ended on November 27, due to the expiration of the contract, and that they had no plans to respond to the activist’s accusations.

Saki is a manga about high school girls who compete in mahjong, which has been adapted into an animated television series and a starring live-action series Minami Hamabe. The posters were shown from November 21 to 27, after the start of the second phase of the collaboration within the video game from November 16.

JR West Communications received a mixed response after Otsuji’s allegations, with some saying that she was right and that the posters were offensive, while others pointed out that it was not the company’s fault. There are some “Ad Design Review Guidelines“, which set standards for sexual expression and violence, and although not available to the public, are shared with designated agencies. Regarding the regulation of advertising in public spaces, “each railway operator should have its own regulations”.

Therefore, these posters were reviewed by various members of the station’s staff, according to current guidelines. «We made some revisions to keep the character’s individuality while eliminating anything that might be “over exposed” or “awkward.” (for some people). We went several times with the client to reach an acceptable compromise. Everyone has their own fast attitude. It can only be men’s opinion, so we asked our employees too. In some cases, we even seek the opinion of experts or our legal advisors».

Objective indicators, such as how people view Saki’s anime, were also used as judgment criteria. Saki was adapted into a live-action drama and aired as an animated television series. Although the contents of the previous projects of the franchise have not been verified, it was concluded that broadcasting on terrestrial TV channels is not a problem, in the sense that the work has already been seen by the general public. A company representative apologized for the ordeal, saying it was sorry to cause this kind of concern. When asked if he had anything to say to activist Otsuji, he replied: “Nothing in particular».

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