They get an erotic actress very similar to LiSA

An adult film produced by the company was shared on a popular comment forum in Japan. Hamedori network, and was released last September in Japan. The production attracted attention due to the fact that the actress is not identified in the information, and because the girl is very similar to the popular Japanese singer. Lisaor at least that’s what they say on the forums.

«No matter how you look at it, it’s LiSA» ; «Wow, it looks more similar than I thought» ; «The face is exactly like the face of the LiSA» ; «Is there already demand?» ; «I find it prettier than the real one» ; «Wps I don’t know which one» ; «Wow, they seem to see each other, and not knowing who it is makes it even more suspicious.» ; are some of the most significant comments. In fact, in one of the comments it is where it is intuited that it is really about Eikawa Noa (栄川乃亜)although the production does not confirm this.

Now, it is more clear that it is not about the real LiSA, especially since it is in the movie (which we already saw out of the corner of our eye) The girl seems to have her entire face on display, which would not make sense if the LiSA was doing it prudently. However, the fact that the girl is very similar to the famous interpreter of musical themes Sword Art online Y Kimetsu no Yaibaand even more than that, that he is dedicating himself to porn movies in Japan.

As for the film, it lasts 64 minutes (1 hour and 4 minutes) and is available with the identification code BSKV-005 (this is the code that is written in any search engine and through which the film can be found immediately).



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