They claim that the doujinshi leaves much more revenue than the serialized manga

Seiichiro Hayakawa, screenwriter for anime and video game performances, a Twitter update that went viral on traffic forums in Japan, noting that revenue in the doujinshi industry (self – published manga, no hentai required) much better than what you get as a serial manga author.

«You probably already know this. One of our editors told a manga artist, “I have a doujinshi event coming up, so we'll take a break from the series.” When he scolded him, he said that his income from doujinshi was double digit higher (i.e., a hundred times higher), adding that there is more regular layering of side jobs.“, wrote.

Hayakawa posted this in response to a series of updates made by “Ogino (荻 野)Describes himself as a part-time manga editor. «For several years, I have tried to help writers create an environment in which they can earn a living from their doujinshi activities before embarking on a series, so that they can follow their series with ease.“, wrote.

«The stronger you do it, the more profitable your doujinshi activities will be. To be honest, the story goes back: if you start a stratified commercial series, the revenue is reduced. So what is really commercial?», He finished.

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