They claim that the anime industry is too dependent on China

the portal of Japan mojito shared an article noting that the recent suspension of anime productions at COVID 19 which is the result of studios in Japan are overly dependent on labor usually sourced from China.

«The Anime industry in Japan has been hit again by the COVID-19 pandemic, but by its effects in China. In particular, there has been one blackout after another during the Winter-2023 season (January-March), and it seems that SILVER LINK studios are standing out in this regard. On February 13, SILVER LINK studios announced that the seventh episode of the second season of “BOFURI: I don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense” would be delayed by two weeks.».

«The reason was, and we quote, “since the end of last year, production has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic in China. As a result, we have made the decision to postpone the broadcast of new episodes.” And the statement continued: “After the restart, the episodes will be broadcast regularly until the tenth episode. However, as for the last two episodes (the eleventh and the twelfth), their status will be confirmed soon”, indicating that this second season could be put on hold again.».

«In addition, the second season of “Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha” was delayed when it had already aired. On the other hand, “Ayakashi Triangle” is another series that has also been put on hold. And although it is produced by CONNECT studios, it should be noted that it is a subsidiary of SILVER LINK. With this, the three series produced by SILVER LINK and its subsidiaries this season have gone from television.».

«The Silver LINK issues have caught the attention of fans, and they said as: “Will SILVER LINK be surpassed this season?“; “We are too dependent on China” and “God, Silver LINK is finished“. Silver LINK not only works but projects like “NieR: Automata Ver.1.1a“, “UniteUp!” and “Kubo-san wa Mob wo Yurusanai” were suspended one after the other. In addition, other projects such as “St. Cecilia and priest Lawrence” and “Masamune kun no revenge season 2“, which was for the premiere in April, has been postponed until July, and the anime industry is always in a series of suspense that will probably continue.».

«And in all communications, the same reason is cited: “the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.” Depending on the anime, the mention of China is omitted, but in fact, many studios in Japan outsource animation staff from China, but are now disabled when the Pandemic returns to the Asian giant. The anime industry in Japan is paying the “bill” for its decisions to produce massive amounts of content relying heavily on labor from China. The quality of foreign animators has been improving in recent years, but Japan doesn’t seem to care about training its own people».

Fountain: mojito


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