They ask men to stop using female avatars in networks

the Twitter account”SUKANEKI⋈ public policy (@SUKANEKI_VRC)“, owned by one of the directors of the non-profit organization”Virtual Rights“, to promote the culture of Virtual YouTubers (VTubers) and the rights of users and content creators. But his latest revelation on Twitter was about something else entirely, about a “proposal” that has emerged between the well-known group of social networks already starred in some of our articles, demanding that men stop using female avatars.

  • «There is already a movement in the speech regulator community to declare it sexual exploitation for men to use female avatars, and pressure has been felt on the competent authorities.. It is necessary to defend that it is not about sexual exploitation, but that it is part of free expression. If you don’t see it, you should be ashamed of your own narrow mindedness.“, wrote.
  • «How did a non-profit organization made up of unknown people manage to ensure a certain presence in the public sector within a year and really promote the public interest? This kind of constant pressure is important. We cannot defend our place but make a fuss when a problem arises», he said.
  • «The Sustainable Development Goals are objectives established by the United Nations. but now that I think about it, the United Nations recommendations on gender have a major impact on the regulation of speech. As an NGO working on the SDGs, consultative status with the United Nations would enable effective action», he finished.

Several comments emerged about it, emphasizing: «These activists just want to control every aspect of people’s lives. They don’t care about real problems» ; «I’ve seen mental gymnastics before, but this is something else» ; «It seems that this would be impossible to control or enforce without a system of surveillance at the level of the Chinese Communist Party. It would be necessary to literally spy on the people who play and do ID checks and face scans. Invasive, stupid and expensive» ; «That would be beyond stupid» ; among others.

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