They are looking for a man who yells at children to watch Chainsaw Man

The Aichi Prefectural Police Department issued a bulletin stating that a man is wanted who on November 16 at 4:15 pm (Japan time) assaulted several boys and girls who were returning home from school while I was crying at them: “Hey everyone, Do you KNOW CHAINS MAN?!». According to the bulletin, he is a young man who was traveling with three others in a compact black car.

Of course, the report was quite strange to read, especially on the comment forums, where you can see comments like:

  • «Yes, yes, I know him».
  • «Oh my god, it’s the Screaming Demon».
  • «Mobile Suit Gundam, Bleach, very good series this season».
  • «Wait, it says four people in a compact car? How did they achieve that?».
  • «If you want to kidnap children, you should try SPY x FAMILY».
  • «I don’t understand why you ask that, that series is not for children».
  • «I hope the kids answered it: Shut up pajero!».

On the other hand, the anime adaptation has been broadcast since October 12, and has been confirmed with a total of twelve episodes, and the platform crunchyroll which dominates its distribution in the West. Tatsuki Fujimoto began publishing the manga in December 2018 through the magazine Weekly Shōnen jump of Shueishaand completed the first part in December 2020. The second part has been published on the service Shōnen Jump Plus from July 2022 onwards.

Summary for Chain Saw Man

The story takes place in a world where Demons threaten the peace of the people, making them targets for elimination. Denji is a depressed young man who sold some of his organs and works as a lumberjack and devil hunter to pay his late father’s debts. Denji (who is also a demon) has a dog named Pochita, who has a chainsaw and uses it to do his work.

This is explained by the fact that humans can make contracts with demons. After returning home from a job, Yakuza asks Denji to infiltrate a building and kill another demon. However, the plan to assassinate him turned out to be a trap as part of the Yakuza’s deal with the devil, which gained them more power. But Pochita comes to Denji’s aid and bails him out.

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