They accuse the video game AOKANA of ‘inserting feminism’ into its translation

The IS “manspreading” is a concept originating in the English language used to refer to the male practice of sitting with the legs open in public transport, sometimes occupying more than one seat. Although it is criticized for occupying more than one seat, it is understandable that men sit with their legs apart, since there is “something between them” that is uncomfortable to keep pressed between the thighs.

Well, theory aside, the Twitter user “Mondblut (@Mondblut1984)” shared an update noting that this term was added in the English localization of the game ADDITIONAL AOKANA 1distributed by NecoNyan. The most interesting thing is, of course, that word does not exist in Japanese and was added in the translation.

«It’s a short 6 hour disc and yet these callers can’t help but insert their feminist nonsense whenever they can. Way to ruin a great spring hot scene. There is no “manspreading” in the Japanese line, by the way» user wrote. The English translation reads: «And so, I have decided to spread people proudly… Or at least, as proud as I feel comfortable.».

However, the original line in Japanese reads: “If that’s the case, it would probably be better to be here to be more trapped… That’s the dilemma I was facing.». As the user can tell, the line was completely changed in the translation of ADDITIONAL AOKANA 1a common thing that is usually excused by saying that it is a “site”.

The same user pointed out that a reference to a traditional Japanese story was completely changed in the localized English version, making no sense of the story. The user wrote:

  • And more vandalism localization NekoNyan. The Japanese line says “Orihime and Hikoboshi” (織姫と彦星) but the English line changes it to “Romeo and Juliet”. Most Anime fans know Orihime and Hikoboshi as she appears in many Anime (hell, even Steins;Gate). So the change was unnecessary.

In the story of Orihime and Hikoboshi, the two can only meet each other once a year, during the Tanabata Festival dates. The whole wall metaphor in the first also makes more sense in Japanese, given the context of the myth of Orihime and Hikoboshi, how lovers, or rather stars, are separated by the Milky Way and can only meet once in the year. Mashiro-chan makes a cute and romantic comparison that gets lost in a “situation” of it ADDITIONAL AOKANA 1.

Summary of AOKANA

I have a role model that I idolize… A boy I love… And many wonderful friends who will always be there for me. It just took a little courage and hard work, and I got what I always wanted. Now, finally, the time has come to live happily ever after… Or so I thought. I am still struggling to pass my classes at school. I was completely humiliated in a cooking competition with Rika and Arika. And worst of all, Misaki-senpai and Asuka-senpai are trying to challenge my position as Masaya-senpai’s girlfriend!

At this rate, I will lose my boyfriend, fail my classes, and Mashiro Udon will sink! One day, while I was stressing about everything, my mother suggested that Masaya-senpai and I go on an overnight trip together. “I’ll make us a delicious lunch!” “And I’ll fit him too with a nice outfit!” Since I went to talk with Masaya-senpai, now I have to spend all my free time training hard to improve my skills in certain areas that I don’t need! Will things work out? This is the story of a girl and her Senpai, their rocky romance, and all the friends who help them along the way.

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