These are the best girls of Summer-2022 according to Japan

The popular Japanese portal anime! anime! he conducted a survey among his subscription readers with the question «What is your favorite character among the series that will be released in the Summer-2022 season (July-September)?», revealing the results of the female characters section in a recent article, for which he wrote:

  • Many Summer 2022 titles are in the middle of their broadcasts. This season has had a variety of characters, from the main characters that are focused on the story, to secondary characters that prove to be impossible to ignore, and even occasional characters that appeared once but left a big impact. Among so many, there must have been some people who liked more than one person in particular.
  • 20. Wakana Shiki (Love Live! Superstar!!).
  • 19. Aiano Yuugiri (Catch a Kiss).
  • 18. Sumika Fujimiya (Isekai Ojisan).
  • 17. Sumi Sakurasawa (Kanojo, Okarishimasu).
  • 16. Verb (Kinsou no Vermeil).
  • 15. Suzune Horikita (Classroom of the elite).
  • 14. Ruka Sarashina (Kanojo, Okarishimasu).
  • 13. Emily (House of Shadows).
  • 12. Roxanne (Isekai Meikyuu from Harem wo).

9. Urushi Yaotome (Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru) [Empate]

9. Kei Karuizawa (Elite Class Room) [Empate]


9. Uta (One Piece Red Movie) [Empate]


8. Lilith (Saikin Yatotta Maid ga Ayashii)


7. Chizuru Mizuhara (Kanojo, Okarishimasu)


6. Yume Irido (Mamahaha no Tsurego ga Motokano datta)

5. Kisara (Engage Kiss)

4. Yaeka Sakuragi (Kumichou Musume to Sewagakari)

3. Nazuna Nanakusa (Yofukashi no Uta)

2. Takina Inoue (Lycoris Recoil)

1. Chisato Nishikigi (Lycoris Recoil)

font: anime! anime!


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