The Yakuza guide has been announced as the ultimate theme for babysitting by ShibuyaHAL

The upcoming The Yakuza Child Care Guide the anime revealed the title of the final thematic song “Kaerimichi no Iro”, which will be implemented by ShibuyaHAL, Japanese VTuber.

Earlier, the anime series announced that the opening song was “Mirai no Hero Tachi e”By Sho Takeyaki. Both the opening and the final theme of the anime were composed, arranged and written by ANCHOR.

ANCHOR created a wonderful song and when I heard the finished soundtrack, I thought: “I’m looking forward to this being played!” I’m looking forward to the beginning of the broadcast of the animation in which the characters will move!

Statement by ShibuyaHAL regarding the final production of the song (via official websiteACN editing)

The Yakuza Child Care Guide was announced in September 2021, as Studios feel and Gaina animated the series. Itsuro Kawasaki is the director and Keichiro Ochi is in charge of composing the series. The main cast was unveiled in December 2021. Yoshimasa Hosoya voices Yakuza nanny Toru Kirishima, and Misaki Watada voices the daughter of boss Yaeka Sakuragi.

The trailer for the anime, which is set to air this July, was released in March:

Toru Kirishima, who solves the problem of violence, is known as the devil of the Sakuragi clan in the underworld. One day Kirishima was suddenly summoned by the head of the Sakuragi clan. He has been appointed caretaker of Yaehana, the only daughter of the boss …!

A suffocating comedy between a young boss and the boss’s only daughter. Their new daily life begins!

Summary of the Yakuza Child Care Guide (via official websiteACN edition)

Source: Official website
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