The world’s happiest otaku becomes a trend

In the last few days, a photo showing the “happiest otaku in the world“, since a man is seen with a pretty girl, holding a graphics card GeForce RTX 4090 (value US$1,600), one console PlayStation 5 game (worth US$500) and other bags in which he may be carrying video games or some other items.

He is called the “happiest otaku in the whole world” because the things he carries in his hand are the ones most loved by fans of otaku culture, and especially video games.and while not much is known about his identity or where the photo was taken, his happiness is sure to rub off on anyone who looks at the photo.

Oh yes, the girl? Not much is known about her either, but one thing we can quickly check is that any fan shows him the picture, the first thing they will look at is the graphics card, not the girl. Of course, the post has been shared so many times that its originality has been lost, but there is even a video and comments on popular forums, including:

  • «God, what am I doing wrong in my life?».
  • «That should be me, dammit!».
  • «So why do you want the PlayStation 5 if the exclusives are coming to PC later?».
  • «She is definitely with him for love… for his money…»
  • «Nah, I would never play video games again with a woman like that.».
  • «That’s a happy man, ladies and gentlemen».
  • «I don’t understand why there are so many jealous comments about them being together. Otakus come all the time, and generally have higher purchasing power than the rest (it’s not cheap to buy merchandise). I envy the things she wears, but not the girl».

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