The world of music and entertainment is about the arrival of Liz Truss as Prime Minister

Figures from the world of music and entertainment have shared their views that Liz Truss is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Truss will succeed Boris Johnson on Tuesday (September 6) and become the nation’s third female leader after defeating Rishi Sunak in the Conservative Party leadership contest.

He won the contest with 81,326 votes (57%) to Sunak’s 60,399 (43%).

Truss called it an “honour to be elected” as she thanked her partner for “organising one of the longest job interviews ever”.

The new Prime Minister has an immediate challenge to deliver an aid package for families across the country to deal with the current cost of living crisis caused by rising energy bills.

Comedian John Cleese was one of the first to respond to her appointment with a scathing tweet saying, “Liz Truss says it’s an honor to be elected Leader of the Conservative Party. No.”

Joe Lycett, who mocked Liz Truss on a BBC political show yesterday (September 4), referred to her victory today with a similarly polite comment: “Yeah @trussliz has absolutely trahed it babe!” .

Comedian Omid Djalili was also scathing in his assessment of the appointment in the wake of the cost of living crisis.

“The Tory leadership election was basically a choice for party voters between a punch to the throat or a crowbar to the balls. Congratulations Liz Truss,” he wrote.

For his part, Mogwai leader Stuart Braithwaite drew attention to a controversial tweet Truss sent in tribute to sex offender Jimmy Saville after his death in 2011: “A reminder that our new Prime Minister did not delete this tweet,” he said.

Before she won, the Sleaford Mods also criticized her promotion to Prime Minister.

“Everything looks like Liz Truss. She is here. The next waste of everything is here,” wrote the band.

Separately, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer congratulated Truss on his appointment, but added: “After 12 years of the Tories, all we have left is low wages, high prices and a Tory cost of living crisis. start fresh that our country needs.”

Outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised Truss for her “decisive victory”.

He added: “I know she has the right plan to deal with the cost of living crisis, unite our party and continue the great work of uniting and balancing our country. Now is the time for every Conservative to support her one by one. a hundred”.

Truss’s victory comes weeks after Johnson’s resignation saw the resignation of Health Secretary Sajid Javid, Chancellor Rishi Sunak and more than 50 Conservative MPs.

It came after Johnson apologized for appointing Chris Pincher as deputy chief of staff, despite hearings of an inappropriate conduct investigation in 2019 against Pincher.

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